I wanted to write you a letter

Actually I have written you three

To tell you everything that I’ve done

Ask you all sorts of things

How are you? And where have you gone?

But you would have read the return address

Mocked at the handwriting that had run

Ripped it up into pieces burned it to forget all the wrong

I dialed your number a couple of times

Stared at the screen wondering if you would answer

Then I felt that you would hate me even more

Beyond your hatred for cancer

So I proceeded to delete your contact from my phone

Which didn’t help since I had it memorized all along

Even if you did pick up maybe you wouldn’t have known

I promised myself that I wouldn’t get like I did

I was broken inside for months after you left

I have nothing against you; not anymore

I have learned to forgive you as I did myself

And what’s more is that I have taken the time

To find the words I feel express me right and string them in line

Carry on and take care for I no longer attest

Farewell and goodbye I certainly wish you the best