There’s no point in trying when all you do it get lied to,

Yeah, that small voice when you’re crying,

Damn it stand up, you can fight too,

Look right out over the water, the past is waving goodbye,

Apparently love didn’t matter, stuck you with the questions, why?

When did it fall apart? How long has it been? Days?

Why didn’t we try to work it out? Why didn’t you want to stay?

I should have seen it coming and recognized your ways,

But I was too focused on class and working for minimum wage,

Now I’m flipping another page in my book, look what it took,

How does it feel now? Say, its like pulling heart strings with a hook,

I refuse to sink but I don’t have the technique to swim to shore,

In less time that it takes to blink, the pain will be crushing even more,

The pressure that sits and waits, haunting every thought you think,

Is the horror behind the corner, another horrible link,

Holes in the wall, cracked, foundations will fall,

But until then I grab a hold and continue to stand tall.