I just want to go home for a while,

I want to feel lost with an unexplained sense of wellness,

Not the pain driven sleepless nights, lying awake waiting,

Not the assumptions of what ifs boiling inside the darkest tunnels of my mind,

Just the simple matter of not knowing where I am is what I long for,

I want to turn off the racket of noise and pollution that fills my weary body,

Plant images and altered thoughts of nothingness to replace the lies and made up stories that have been said,

To diminish overthinking a vast array of unnecessary chaos,

I want to boast the idea within myself that I can be of one, but none,

To stop carrying the world over my shoulders in hopes of freeing what is contained,

Is it too much to ask if I can just be myself without a care once in a while?

I don’t want masks of make up or costumes to hide behind anymore,

I want to feel comfortable and free within my own skin,

Confidence is hard to create, impossible to master, and unheard of with me,

Dancing in the unknown without a definite language to translate,

Unable to speak out, to be heard from.

Words were once a common ground,

But words are only words.