Have you ever felt like someone was watching you from a distance? As if someone’s eyes were burning their way through your tough outer shell that you created to protect yourself from getting hurt? You could never quite figure out where they were hiding, could you?

Well, it could easily have been the only person you know so well, yourself. Growing up and entering the cold, harsh world of reality, I have noticed that everyone has a dark side. A side of oneself that isn’t typically shared or easily observed, usually in fear of being denied acceptance by peers and relatives.

Unfortunately, a handful of years ago, I became inseparable with my dark side. I allowed the evil being that was dwelling inside my mind to commandeer my thoughts and emotions. It anchored its ship to my sunken heart. I no longer had any control.

Sleepless nights were wasted staring out of the manor’s eyes into the fields that were washed in complete darkness. Days were nearly the same, but bleached with sunlight or drowned out by the rain. I was no longer myself, but a hollowed out shell.