I keep repeating every word I say to everyone,

They can’t understand me, apparently I speak in foreign tongue,

My patience is all wrung out so I tend to tweak at anyone,

I say I’m sorry in advance when I know I can’t right my wrongs,

Feeling under attack, I appear to be the broken one,

Left alone, only my hand is glued to the trigger of a smoking gun,

But I still poke for fun knowing I’m not the only one,

Staring out, up to the sky, cherishing the ones we lost,

To the fires, to the lies, through the wires, in disguise,

Biting metal just to settle, belts from denim, sipping venom,

Crimson lines mark every time, popping pills and cancer strikes,

They all were once lost, so leave the light on to guide them home,

Disregard their lonely road for it was the only one they had known.