You say one thing yet mean another,

Your mouth is full of chatter while your mind is full of clutter,

Can’t get it straight, maybe find it deep in the gutter,

Mixed with abstracts, packed full of different colors,


Senses lessen, control slips through your grips,

Second guessing, shoulder belt clip tight against your hip,

Shifting uneasy, bleeding, white knuckle the wheel,

No one quite understands how it is to feel,


Do you swim down the river? Do you cross the bridge?

Ever been tempted to pop or another method to slip?

Have  a fascination with flame? An urge to hit?

Any craving for metal with one round in the clip?


The incredible anger to lose yourself is a fear,

The domineering depression depicting when death is near,

Greeting demons in the depths of my nightmares,

Reasons to keep hidden the stories, they’re not to be shared