it used to be me first but now I’m last, degraded to worst
i never used to have to work for my place, it hurts to be on the other side of this curve
theres not enough words i could say for me to rearrange all the hours of the day
i have with you or what i had with you is held at value much greater than a valium
what about you? do you ever think about us? or are the memories lost in the dust?
burnt out hours underneath the tower in the pouring rain
the last bout of trust i had in you, i wanted you from the moment i met you that i knew
but you left soon after, closed the chapter with broken laughter so like you
as i watched the flames dance i knew i was gunna get burnt, you were gunna get hurt
not by my actions but from what you may call evil words
most often it wasn’t what you deserved but i couldn’t swerve my curses
except when i vented out in my verses but i still feel like i need to repent
for all my sins and everything that i happened to wreck