My words. No explanations.

Gold Mine

If only you ever knew the pain that I’ve been dealing with on any other given day,

You would understand the reasons why I am this way and why I still believe there’s good in everyone who stays,

But listen-not everyday is a fight; there may be some that are gray but most days they’re black and white,

And if you can’t find a reason to wait and hold tight than you outta find a reason to build a ‘gold mine’.


Direction of The Winds

Ships stall in their course as hands cast their anchors. At the helm of a vessel, guidance is meant to be given depending upon the strength and direction of the winds. It’s when those winds follow uncertain skies leaving seas unsteady that make maneuvering a body difficult. The desire to cross the waters to the next destination remains high along with the risks as the deck hands’ and the captain’s sights see no signs of trouble. Yet the ship remains just out beyond the harbor for it is with a broken compass. Without true direction the ship would sail off into a perfect storm.

Lost In You

I wanna get lost in you

Feel your body next to mine at two 

in the morning sipping wine with you

Staring up at the stars and moon

Shit I think I’m falling for you

But I can’t tell you cause you might not  feel the same

Oh I… wish you would want me too
Yeah I wanna get lost in you

Spend another minute with you

Conversate about whys..

Soon to be “ya I told yous”

I don’t wanna be less than we

Have been in these past few weeks

But I know it may be more than a dream

To ask you to be with me

Green Eyes

An aged bottle of merlot is left hidden within barebacked novels on the second shelf of the bookcase. Those same mahogany stained planks also bear the weight of her last moments of sincere joy. Encased in a rose gold frame that has been tainted by sadness, the photograph remains untouched. Although it will remain a distant memory, time tells no tale of the love she had toward the soul behind those soft green eyes.


Ive written so many letters in hopes of feeling better but instead I left a note cause they all went through the shredder. I couldn’t handle the pressure so I severed all the ties. All of what kept us together; All the bullshit and the lies. I pleaded for the effort, developed pictures, and shelter while holding on like a beggar spending his last silver treasure. Bombarded by memories of being unable to keep measure. Never knowing what your worth is the worst feeling ever.

Stuck In Your Head

when you get stuck in your head space

do you let go, follow it up or stand in place

do you forget everything that you ever said to anybody

then you drink just to calm down all the nerves

that you got building up deep inside you

would you ever think that your mind would defy you

i wouldn’t lie to you if it came down to it

id rather die than to hide and be a hypocrite

cause in this life it is hard enough just to find

someone alike in deeper thought and an open mind

so when you find someone just like this

you better hold on tighter than a vice grip

or they might slip into the hands of another hit

figures too priceless bruised by a counterfeit

i don’t like the sounds of it so ill never quit

never give up let me fight ’til i end the shit

Fake Smile

I paint yet another fake smile on my face to appease everybody who may be coming my way or at least to not show how I really feel at the moment. Buckled knees I collapse to the ground as I heave. I can’t breath, I can’t see yet still no one notices me because I’m standing there at attention, connected in conversation and holding it all in. My body is under siege from its own self. I’m being attacked by thoughts that I can’t help. But I’m still there acting as if I’m aware of what’s going on when really it’s too much to bare. It’s not my intention and I’m sorry I don’t mean to stare. You’re the only being in the universe that is keeping me calm as I am falling off of this cliff into the inevitable dark abyss. Yet you have no idea and you probably never will.


What is meant to be a first, the day of honor and love, is captured behind the virtue of a perfect white dress. The significance of purity and virginity tails behind the bride as she steps her way down the ruby red velvet isle towards her forever love to be. She trembles from the sheer nervousness while looking into her father’s golden speckled hazel eyes and holding his calloused hand. At the white rose covered alter her father let’s go, knowing his daughter will always be his little girl no matter who holds her innocent heart.


The evil is within but I’m not referencing the video game

This life is full of sin yet we don’t tug on the reigns

Nor do we try to change, married to that Mary Jane

Addicted to that coke, sweet heroin, sipping purple drank

The epidemic; The spider web full of venom

Is eating us all alive through the veins of one another

The pains that one will go through to tame the rush

They find another gateway to settle the dust and forget you

You end up alone cause that’s not what made you

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